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Ice! Poems About Polar Life

This book features 21 different poems about Earth's polar regions including much of its unique wildlife. Each poem has a paragraph following it with more information about the topic. The poems are playful, as are its childlike, mixed media illustrations.


This is a somber and condemning story about how oil is removed from pristine land, travels through important animal and human habitats, and is then transported by ships long distances. When the oil leaks or spills, as it did in the Exxon Valdez spill, t affects the wildlife, landscape, and humans forever. An impactful and important read for children to understand the high-stakes of drilling, accompanied by richly colored mixed media illustrations that leave an impression.

The Bear in the Blueberry

This children's book on deep ecology reminds us how connected all living beings are, specifically how bears help blueberries grow, along with the rain and sun. It encourages us to see these connections in the details, with a poetic yet quirky story and charming watercolor illustrations. The story is followed by a blueberry pancake recipe and facts about bears. Pairs well with The Humpback in the Herring by the same author and illustrator.

The Humpback in the Herring

This children's book on deep ecology reminds us how connected all living beings are, specifically how humpbacks help support life in the ocean, including the herring. It encourages us to see these connections in the details, with a poetic yet quirky story and soothing watercolor illustrations. The story is followed by facts about humpback whales.

A Boreal Forest: A Year in the World's Largest Land Biome

This is a stunningly illustrated, lyrical, thorough, informative book about the boreal forest over the northern latitudes including Alaska. It covers the creation of the boreal forest, geography, seasons, and many of the plants and animals that call it home. It highlights the interconnectedness of the aspects within its ecosystem as well as its importance to the rest of the world.

The Origin of Day and Night

In the early times of no night or day, there was a fox and hare who fought over whether there should be light or darkness. The hare needs light to find food, and the fox needs the darkness. This is the story of how they made a compromise that created night and day. Inspired by an Inuit oral story and accompanied by primitive, bright and dark, mixed media illustrations. Also available in Inuktitut language.

A Haida Legend: Salmon Boy

A traditional story retold about a young boy who is warned to respect the animals and traditions of his people or learn the hard way. The salmon teach him a valuable lesson. The unique format of this book has the words upside-down on the top of the page for the reader to read to a group of young children. The images are extremely primitive and look like a child's art project.

The Peregrine's Journey: A Story of Migration

Based on a true story of a Peregrine tracked by U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, this book tells the story of the amazing journey that Peregrines make from Alaska to Argentina. Intriguing and informative. Accompanied by oil-based paintings of the many landscapes and resting places of the bird's long migration.

Little Puffin's First Flight

This book tells the story of a family of Horned Puffins having their first chick. The little chick grows up and has to take his first flight for food. Eventually, he is old enough to have a family of his home. With lyrical prose, this story celebrates the triumph of a brave first step towards independence. Accompanied by captivating paintings of puffin portraits and movements.

Berry Picking for Grandma

A short and sweet story about two cousins who finish off the crowberry jam while visiting Grandma. When she says she can make more with two cups of berries, the boys go on a mission. The boys then have to figure out how to count so many berries at one time. Specifically designed to build reading and counting skills. Accompanied by digitally created, cartoon images.

Sea Bear: A Journey for Survival

A somber but hopeful story about a resilient polar bear's journey to survive with less ice in the summer. Poetic and informational, this story is accompanied by striking and dramatic watercolor illustrations, as well as additional information on sea ice, polar bears, and other arctic animals.

Be a Good Ancestor

This poetic story reminds us that everything is connected and we need to be good stewards of our land, sea, animals, and selves. Inspired by Indigenous teachings, we are encouraged to be good ancestors. Accompanied by vibrant and dynamic illustrations with acrylic paint on watercolor paper.

The Secret Life of Whales

A thoughtful and thorough book about all things whales, including the different kinds, evolution, anatomy, migrations, behavior, and much more. Highlights the fascinating and mysterious nature of whales. Beautifully illustrated in watercolor. Large format fitting for whale content.

On the Trapline

A story of connection between a grandfather and his grandson, as they revisit grandpa's trapline in the wilderness. This sentimental story highlights sustenance living of hunting, fishing, and the importance of community. We nostalgically relive life on the the trapline through the grandfather's memories and see it anew through his grandson's eyes. Accompanied by soft, modern pastel illustrations and featuring Swampy Cree vocabulary.

If You Take Away the Otter

If You Take Away the Otter explains how otters were once hunted but are a keystone species in their ecosystems. The presence of otters plays an important role in maintaining healthy kelp forests, which many other fish and animals depend on. This story has additional facts on the sides of stunning and dynamic illustrations of life underwater.


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