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Maggie Alaska’s Last Elephant

Maggie Alaska’s Last Elephant is a true story about the relocation of a Maggie, an African elephant from the Alaska Zoo. In 1983, baby Maggie was brought to Anchorage to keep Annabelle (an Asian elephant) company. Elephants are social animals so they quickly became good friends. When Annabelle died in 1997 however, Maggie grew lonely, played with a tire instead. With her health declining the zoo decided to build a $150,000 treadmill for Maggie but she was scared of it’s noise. Noticing her condition, Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) wanted Maggie brought to their facility in California. It took months of training and preparation but the US Air Force was ready to fly Maggie in 2007. In a giant crate, lifted by a giant crane, on to a giant truck, she was loaded in the aircraft. At PAWS, Maggie was slowly adapted to four other elephants. Her health was regained and she started to enjoy her new home.

Jennifer Keats Curtis
Phyllis Saroff
Adorable Publishing
Recommended for primary readers
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