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The Little Fox: An Alaskan Adventure

This beautifully illustrated story is a descriptive introduction to the flora and fauna of the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea. Seen through the eyes of an arctic fox, the reader follows the progression of the seasons for a year, witnessing the arrival of sea mammals and various sea birds to the island, as well as specific plants heralding the beginning of spring and summer. Written as a story, this easy-to-read narrative is in fact an information book about a very specific place in western Alaska and the unique sub subspecies of arctic fox called the Pribilof fox.

Ram Papish
Ram Papish
Snowy Owl Books (University of Alaska Press)
Recommended for primary to intermediate readers learning about animal adaptations in Western Alaska.
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Picture story book
Pribilof fox, birds, plants and animals of the Pribilof Islands.


Ramish’s vibrant paintings create a realistic portrait of this region’s inhabitants and the adaptations that allow them to succeed in a harsh environment. The book includes a 1 page information page at the end about the Pribilof fox written by scientist Paula A. White.

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