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Journey to the Winter Camp

Set in the cold Canadian Arctic, this story takes place around 1867. As winter approaches, Qulaut and his family prepare to leave their summer home. He is finally old enough to help his ataata (father) on their journey to winter camp with a few other Inuit families. It is hard work but Qulaut is up to the challenge. Ataata teaches his young son how to feed and drive dogs, navigating the weather and dangerous terrain, and pack belongings in the qamutiik (sled). While learning these skills and traditions, Qulaut wants to make his father proud.

48 pages.

Caleb MacDonald
Sean Bigham
Inhabit Education
Recommended for primary readers.
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Historical Fiction
travel, dogsled, summer camp, winter camp, Inuit, family, teaching, tradition, arctic terrain, weather, Canadian arctic, Inuktitut words

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