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sled dogs

The Littlest Sled Dog

Little Igvillu, a Cairn terrier puppy, was born in Red Deer, Alberta. Her mother told her stories about dogs from all around the world. As she learned about different types of dogs, she decided she wanted to be a sled dog when she grew up. On day the owners of the kennel told her that a storyteller from northern Canada was adopting her. Igvillu was going to live in Rankin Inlet in Nunavut. She loved her new home and all the places she had to run and play, but she still dreamed of being a sled dog.

A Sled Dog for Moshi

Moshi’s new friend, Jessica just moved from New York to the Arctic village of Iqaluit. On day in May, both girls are caught in a sudden snowstorm. Nuna, Jessica’s dad’s sled dog leads the girls to safety of a shed where Nuna has delivered a litter of puppies. Nuna leaves the girls in the shed with her pups and brings back Moshi’s father and others to rescue them. Moshi’s father offers her a pup for a pet, and Moshi says rather than having the dog for a pet, she wants her pup to grow up to be a sled dog just like his mother, Nuna.

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