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It Wasn't Me!

Raven is accused of stealing Ferret’s raspberries because Raven has been caught steeling before. Raven insists he is not the one who stole the berries. The rest of the animals in the forest are convinced that Raven is guilty, except Hamster. Raven promises it was not he. The animals decide to look for clues, and discover Raven is innocent. The use of dialect, double page soft pastel illustrations, and an animal-centered point of view creates a warm and democratic story of problem solving with friends.

Author: Udo Weigelt


By Eve Bunting

Ducky, a plastic toy, is packed with hundreds of other bath toys in a crate on a ship from China. A storm causes the crate to fall overboard where Ducky and his other plastic friends are left bobbing in the ocean. Terrified Ducky tells the story from his point of view. After a very long time, Ducky washes ashore and is found by a boy. The boy reports to Mrs. James who is keeping a record of other toys, like Ducky, who have been found in the area.

A is for Alaska

This colorfully illustrated ABC book with large font makes learning the alphabet fun. The pages are filled with vivid photos represent something from Alaska like animals, sea creatures, climate, plants, places, and people. In addition to learning the alphabet, many fun facts are given about the subjects used to represent the letters.

Author: Amara Pederson

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